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3 Ways to Support the Church


In Your Community

We Want You!


Whether you're interested in volunteering for the Church service or with one of our Ministries, volunteering is a GREAT way to engage in the Christian experience.



By Phone or Online

Thank you for your support. Whether you are looking to give Tithes, Offering, or a general donation click the button below.  You will able to donate via CashApp, PayPal, or via Credit Card. Your giving is making a difference in this church, our community, and the world.

Call (937) 476-1708 to Donate



To Our Learning Channel

Coming Soon!

Online Bible Study

Live Sermons


The giving spirit is in all of us! Spending time with family, sharing laughs with friends, providing good service to guest or helping a stranger out when they fall on hard times are all acts of a giving mindset! When we live with a giving mindset, when we give the Lord our time, talents, tithes and our offerings and when we give with the right motives, God is pleased. He delights in your generosity because He created you to be generous.

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